STEALTH Ceramic R45V carbon hjulsæt 45mm rim brake

  • 45 mm profil carbon rim. 25 mm wide
  • Tubeless ready / clincher
  • 20/24 spokes
  • Enduro ceramic ZERO bearings
  • Pillar 1420 Aero spokes
  • Shimano body 11-speed (incl. 10 speed ring)
  • Weight 1455 g (+- 3 %)
  • Max 100 kg (rider weight)
  • Basalt braking surface

7.399,00 DKK

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Ceramic ZERO bearings feature oversized Grade 3 balls
roll on races which are ground to a mirror finish after
receiving Magnetite and then Cryogenic treatments for
hardness and longevity. More durable and with even
lower rolling resistance than any 2RS bearings, they
come closer to that magic “zero” rolling resistance
number. Enduro Bearings uses Silicone seals which are
more slippery than rubber seals used by other ceramic
bearing suppliers.
Ceramic ZERO bearings win the independent wattage
output tests when stacked against the competition. If
you want to buy raw speed, ZERO bearings are it.

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